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Lundi the 2nd

The Louvre and Sushi for Breakfast

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Sushi for breakfast

I still had the sushi from the day before and had put it in the fridge. I argued internally for a couple of minutes while having my shower deciding if it was acceptable to have sushi for breakfast. I asked myself if the Japanese would even have sushi for breakfast. I decided that you know what, I didn’t care if it was the done thing or not, I was having sushi for breakfast. Ok it was odd, but absolutely delicious. I don’t think I can honestly say I have ever eaten raw fish when I would normally eat corn flakes, but eat it I did.

With breakfast sorted I decided that today was The Louvre day as I knew it was closed on
Tuesday and I was leaving early Wednesday morning.

I headed into The Louvre again and the crowds were still quite large, but much more respectable than the previous day.



There was a queue so I joined it. I establish that this queue was just to get through the security area, where it is just like being at the airport with your bags being scanned. I hope there is nothing in my bag which shouldn’t be there. I go through the security check and it seems that there is nothing in my bag out of the ordinary. You then go down the escalator to join the queues to purchase your ticket. I bought the whole lot. The permanenet and temporary displays. I bought an audio guide machine and set off. I figured that I would go and see the woman first up, and get it out of the way. It seems that everyone has that idea as we travelled in hoards to the sign pointing to the famous lady. I can honestly say she is nice and all, but she certainly wasn’t my favourite exhibition. I was somewhat underwhelmed by her. Brilliant and all, but yeah just a painting.


I absolutely loved the sculptures and spent hours wandering through the sculpture area. It was surprisingly lacking in crowds and this amazed me. I was able to stay at each sculpture for some times up to 5 minutes without there being another soul in sight. I studied them in detail.

My opinion of them is, how to put this delicately, men are all different. No matter how I write this it will sound like I had an attraction for naked men statues, but naked men statues were in abundance. Some men were huge in stature with what seemed out of proportion bits and pieces. I wonder if the artists completing the sculptures were intimidated and decided to make small bits and pieces. What do you do if you’re a male and someone does a sculpture of you and it turns out that it looks realistic all but certain bits. Do you ask for more clay to be added, or do you accept that you have been sculpted and learn to live with how the artist saw you.

There is one sculpture that is supposed to be called a gladiator. He has not a stitch of clothes on and I think wow, if I were a gladiator I’d want something on to protect my special treasures.

paris 2

paris 2

Then all I could envisage was this man in a fight, covering his precious pieces with one hand while fending off someone with an arrow or club in the other hand. I giggled. I don’t know if anyone else thinks like me, or if anyone else has stood in the Louvre, one of the most sacred art museums in the world and giggled at a naked man statue.
There was another statue close by and he had an arrow through his neck. He had a loin cloth on at least. Modest,, but still dead.

There is an Egyptian temporary display. The sculptures there were spectacular, especially the sphinx. Again there weren’t many people around and I was beginning to think that people only came to see the famous pieces and not explore the rest of the museum.


I sat in an internal courtyard area surround by busts of famous people, sat back against the wall and closed my eyes. No idea how long I had my eyes closed or how long I’d actually nodded off, but I can say that I slept at the museum! I don’t think it was long, nor do I know if people took pictures of me while I rested my eyes, but I didn’t quite care either. If my photo appears on some website asleep at the museum, I will be famous for something.

My electronic audio guide decides to stop working, which is quite annoying as you get to a display and press the corresponding number and it gives you a description of the art.

I am almost at the days end of walking the museum and decide that I will head back to collect my ID that I had to leave as security for the audio guide. I tell the assistant that it stopped working and she shrugs her shoulders and says, flat battery. Great deduction Einstein. There are 35,000 items on display in the museum and I figure I may have seen 2000 if lucky, but enough is enough for one day.

I notice some people that I had seen at the Eiffel tower the night before. I guess we’re all tourists doing the tourist things at the same time.

I head home and go back to the supermarket and purchase some more of the delicious Jambon I had previously had and decide that I am going to spend the night inside and get all my stuff together for my departure in the morning.

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